President Clinton endorses John Garamendi

Garamendi Working to Prevent a New Nuclear Arms Race

Garamendi Stands Up for Oil by Rail Safety

Garamendi Working to Bring Dollars to the District

President Bill Clinton and Congressman Garamendi at GOTV Rally

3rd District Newspapers Agree: Re-Elect Congressman John Garamendi

Garamendi Endorsed by Fairfield Daily Republic

The Davis Enterprise endorses Garamendi for re-election

In The News

Local Water Projects Clear House Following Garamendi’s Extensive Work

"The Energy and Water Appropriations Bill makes significant investments in a number of local water projects, including the Sacramento River Bank Protection, American River, Yuba River Basin, Hamilton City J-Levee, Suisun Bay Shipping Channel, Lower Cache Creek, and the Port of Stockton. Sites Reservoir’s feasibility study also moves forward in this bill," Congressman Garamendi said. "Clearly, when it comes to water appropriations, bipartisanship is still possible. It took literally hundreds of meetings and phone calls locally and in the Capitol, but long delayed water projects are finally moving forward."

Garamendi Warns of New Nuclear Arms Race during Defense Authorization Amendments Hearing

"I think it's about time to pause for a moment and consider what this all means. We really are well into the first quarter of a new nuclear arms race," Garamendi said during the Armed Services Committee hearing. "You will come to realize that over the next 20 to 25 years, we'll be spending well over a trillion dollars on nuclear weapons systems. While we're doing it, so are Russia and China. It's an arms race, much like we saw in the ‘60s and ‘70s. And this one is particularly troublesome, because the weapons are far more sophisticated, the bombs are far more precise, and the delivery systems are too. Just think about the implications."

Congressman Garamendi Responds to Governor Brown’s Revised BDCP Water Policy

"The changes to the BDCP – now known as the California Water Fix and California Eco Restore – just confirm our fear that this project is not about restoring the environment," Congressman Garamendi said. "It is merely about stealing water by building a facility that will lead to the destruction of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The governor has jettisoned all pretense of enhancing the ecology of the Delta. The new plan released today represents a financial savings at the expense of fish, wildlife, the San Francisco Bay, and the Delta."

Garamendi Introduces Bipartisan Coast Guard Authorization

"I am proud to introduce the bipartisan Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Reauthorization Act with Chairman Shuster, Chairman Hunter, and Ranking Member DeFazio. This legislation would provide budget stability for the Coast Guard, strengthening its ability to protect our nation and safeguard maritime commerce," said Ranking Member Garamendi.

At Advancing Women’s Careers and Dreams Conference, Garamendi & Experts Discuss Status of Women in the Workplace in 2015

Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, CA) hosted the Advancing Women’s Careers and Dreams Conference in Davis, bringing together experts and dozens of accomplished women in business, non-profits, and public service.

Congressman Garamendi Makes Case for Revitalization of American Shipbuilding Industry and American Jobs at Bay Planning Coalition Meeting in Oakland

"We have an opportunity to make sure that a very significant part of the American economy has an opportunity to blossom and grow - not just the shipyards - but the entire supply chain: electronics, engines, and more," Garamendi added.

Garamendi Urges Immediate Action to Keep Communities Safe at Oil-By-Rail Press Conference with Federal Railroad Acting Administrator Feinberg, Local and State Leaders

"Every day we delay the implementation of a stronger safety standard for the transport of Bakken crude oil-by-rail, lives and communities are at risk," Congressman Garamendi said. "We need the federal government to step in and ensure that the vapor pressure of transported crude oil is lower, making it more stable and safer to transport. We also need to upgrade and ensure the maintenance of rail lines, tank cars, brake systems, and our emergency response plans."

Garamendi Votes for Bipartisan Bill to Strengthen Medicare Access, Children’s Healthcare & Secure Rural Schools Program

"Today, we came together, not as Democrats or Republicans but as Americans, to uphold our obligation to society’s most vulnerable citizens, including our seniors, children in lower-income families, and Americans who live in rural underserved communities," Garamendi said.

Garamendi Joins More than 180 Members of Congress in Reintroducing Paycheck Fairness Act to End Wage Discrimination

"I’m a proud father to five daughters and grandfather to five granddaughters. I want them to inherit a country where everyone is treated equally under the law and in the workplace," Garamendi said. "The Paycheck Fairness Act is important for women in America, but it’s also important for their families. In many households, women are the primary breadwinner, and their children deserve to be supported by paychecks that reflect the work ethic of their parents, not the bigotry of their parents’ employer."

Student Loan Bill Garamendi Co-Sponsored Today Would Benefit an Estimated 25 Million Americans

"If the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act became law, a typical borrower would save about $2,000 over the course of a student loan. An estimated 2.3 million Californians would see savings,"said Garamendi, a former University of California Regent and California State University Trustee.

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