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Woodland Daily Democrat Endorses John Garamendi for Congress

Garamendi and LaMalfa Work Together on Water Storage

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Congressman Garamendi's Statement on Water Bond Passage in California State Legislature

"We are in the midst of a drought and will certainly face many more in the years ahead. It took extensive work from Governor Brown and his staff and bipartisan cooperation in the legislature to move us forward. Yesterday, in an attempt to help California meet our water needs, the California legislature overwhelmingly passed a $7.5 billion water bond. It makes investments in water infrastructure, and it does not include funding for the twin tunnels boondoggle," Congressman Garamendi said.

100 Lake County Residents Attend Congressman Garamendi’s Social Services and Wellness Fair

"Part of my job is to let you strut your stuff, to let you share what services you are offering to this community," Congressman Garamendi told the attendees. "Lake County has demonstrated that they can effectively work collaboratively to help. Lives are being made better, because these groups are going the extra mile to make a difference."

Congressman Garamendi Stands with Veterans in Support of Big VA Overhaul

“This legislation is long overdue. The VA’s excessive wait times and reports of fraudulent appointment practices for medical care are a national disgrace, and this bill is Congress’ most substantive action yet to immediately solve this problem. There is no excuse in forcing veterans to wait months for needed treatments,” Congressman Garamendi said. “We’re addressing the problem in the short term by expanding options for veterans seeking private care if necessary and in the long term by hiring more health care providers. In addition to the hiring of additional medical staff at our existing facilities, it’s also important for Northern California that two new facilities will be built in Chico and Redding, helping reduce the burden on strained VA facilities throughout the region.”

Congressman Garamendi Argues BDCP’s Twin Tunnels Project Fails to Include Full Range of Better Alternatives as Required by State & Federal Law in Public Comments for Environmental Report

“If we are going to reduce reliance on the Delta, a conveyance facility is not the first place we should start in developing a reliable water system; it is the last,” Garamendi argued in the comment. “As a result, the BDCP as it stands does not meet the state’s mandated goals and fails to offer any alternatives that even come close to meeting them. The only thing the BDCP does is to provide a conveyance facility that will potentially harm the Delta more than help it while providing no reliable water supply.”

Report Shows Flood Insurance Unaffordable for California Farmers & New Guidelines are Needed Says Senator Feinstein, Congressman Garamendi, and Congressman LaMalfa

"These federal grants will provide for important upgrades for the airport facilities, making them safer, more convenient, and more efficient," said Congressman Garamendi, a Member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. "Competitive grants like these are an important tool for improving the nation’s infrastructure."

Armed Services Committee Member Garamendi Discusses Beale Priorities with Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Commander

"This future command relationship between Beale’s 9th Reconnaissance Wing and Air Combat Command’s 25th Air Force will better align our nation’s critical ISR command and infrastructure to be effective supporting our brave servicemembers in dangerous situations overseas," Armed Services Committee Member Garamendi said. "I’m proud to represent a community with such an important mission and will continue doing everything I can to make sure that Beale Air Force Base’s vital mission is well supported."

Garamendi Votes to Prevent Transportation Shutdown

"The well-being of our transportation system is extremely important for our collective and personal well-being. Parents driving their children to school depend on its safety. Commuters on the Capitol Corridor Amtrak line depend on its reliability. Small business owners and manufacturers shipping their innovative products around the world depend on its speed. And yet, our infrastructure received a D+ rating from the American Society of Civil Engineers in their latest report. Additionally, the short funding bills make construction projects tougher and more expensive for local transportation agencies and businesses," said Garamendi. "Leaders in business, labor, academia, and transportation all are calling on Congress to produce a multi-year transportation bill that makes the critical investments to fix our crumbling infrastructure. It is imperative that we solve this problem before the end of this year, so more people can Make It In America."

Garamendi Votes to Prevent Transportation Shutdown

"This bipartisan legislation will keep our transportation system running, our businesses open, and American workers on the job. It earned my support because it defuses an immediate crisis of a transportation shutdown and gives us time to work on a needed multiyear transportation bill," said Congressman Garamendi.

Garamendi Signs Discharge Petition to Compel Vote for Wildfire Disaster Aid Funding

"This commonsense bipartisan legislation would enable us to better protect our communities and land from the dangerous spread of wildfires," said Garamendi. "The historic drought in the West has turned California into a tinderbox. While these are both natural disasters, they are both within our control to effectively manage."

Garamendi Supports Bipartisan Job Training Reform Bill that Heads to President’s Desk

"America is the land of second chances. When forces beyond our control knock us down, we get back up again," said Congressman Garamendi. "This bipartisan job training bill will help American workers sharpen their skills to land secure middle-class employment at the businesses that need their skills. It will more effectively leverage the resources at our community colleges and bring more out-of-school youth and Americans with disabilities into the workforce. Simply put, it will ensure that more people can Make It In America once again."

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