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70 Women Attend Congressman Garamendi’s Women in the Workforce Symposium

"I’m here to tell you what you already know: when women succeed, America succeeds," Garamendi said. "Our success as a nation depends on women taking their rightful place as equal leaders in our community, free from discrimination. Our country is not going to do well, until the women in our country do very well."

Congressmen Garamendi and LaMalfa Announce Sites Reservoir Water Storage Bill

"The devastation of the drought has highlighted the need for additional water storage. Sites Reservoir would dramatically expand our water reserves – and create jobs in the process. We must heed the warning of the book of Genesis: stock up during the years of plenty, so that you can get by in the years of need," said Congressman Garamendi, who served as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior under President Clinton. "I want to thank Doug and his staff for working with my office and the JPA in crafting this legislation. This bipartisan bill is vitally important for serving the water needs of California communities, agriculture and environment."

Congressmen Garamendi and Runyan Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Strengthen Air Mobility Mission

"Air Mobility Command is responsible for the rapid delivery of military assets around the world – something that will continue to grow in importance. This bill would strengthen the continuity of this vital mission," said Congressman Garamendi, co-chair of the Congressional Air Mobility Caucus. "This bipartisan legislation would ensure that the Air Force maintains its strategic refueling capability as it transitions from the KC-10 to the KC-46 aircraft over the next few years. The bill requires that critically important acquisition and delivery milestones for the KC-46 are met before a KC-10 divesture could occur. This bill would help maintain stability in the military operations at Travis Air Force Base, our nation’s 'Gateway to the Pacific.'"

Garamendi Joins Effort to Require House Floor Vote on Unemployment Insurance

"If we had pursued a comprehensive jobs strategy over these past few years, perhaps this measure wouldn’t be necessary. Instead, we’ve seen years of obstructionism driven by an extremist faction in the majority caucus. Now, millions of Americans are out of work through no fault of their own. They are the victims," Garamendi added. "Signing onto this discharge petition is one of the only avenues available to me to require a vote on this important issue. The American people deserve to know where their representatives stand on extending unemployment insurance during a long period of high joblessness."

Congressman Garamendi Helps Position Beale Air Force Base to Get KC-135

"In a period of budgetary uncertainty and change, the Airmen at Beale Air Force Base remain a rock of professionalism and focus as they carry out the vital mission of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance," said Congressman Garamendi. "Bringing KC-135 tankers back to the base would help the Air Force utilize the remarkable talents of Beale’s personnel while expanding the core missions of the base. This would be especially important for reservists, whom I met recently and who have made a long term commitment to living in the area. During this period of transition, I will continue use my position on the Armed Services Committee to forcefully advocate for the Beale community."

Congressman Garamendi Joins FEMA & Local Leaders for Regional Learning Tour on Flood Insurance

"Today FEMA Deputy Associate Administrator Wright and his team heard the flood insurance concerns of Northern Californians loud and clear. While I’ve long cautioned against constructing urban housing projects in unprotected flood plains, we need people to understand that keeping agriculture in flood zones is usually a responsible and beneficial use of the land," Garamendi said. "Buildings used in agriculture need to be treated differently under state and federal law, and refusing to do so only hampers farmers’ abilities to construct basic necessities like barns and sheds that helps their business become more productive."

Garamendi Proud to Report that Hamilton City J Levee Funding Receives Funding for Fiscal Year 2014

Following meetings with Garamendi and other regional leaders, the Army Corps of Engineers allocated $8.6 million for the J Levee, and in the proposed budget President Obama released yesterday, an additional $3.8 million is allocated. The project is expected to cost a total of $52.4 million, of which $34.1 million would come from federal sources and $18.3 from state and local sources.

Garamendi Kicks Off 2014 Election Campaign During Whirlwind Tour of 3rd District

Garamendi takes an oath of allegiance while filing to run for reelection to Congress at the Sacramento County Registrar’s Ofice."My campaign will be focused on the serious issues facing our region, our state, and our nation," Garamendi added. "We must stop the twin tunnels and save the Delta. We must prioritize job creation. We must back quality and affordable education. We must protect benefits in Social Security and Medicare. We must support our veterans."

Congressman and Mrs. Garamendi Congratulate UC Davis Aggies for their Exceptional Peace Corps Service

John and Patti Garamendi serving in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia“UC Davis encourages strong ethics and develops students into leaders with great integrity,” the Garamendis said. “This creates extraordinary Peace Corp Volunteers that are extremely successful in their field service and beyond.”

In Coast Guard Bill Markup, Ranking Member Garamendi Fights for U.S. Jobs, Revival of Maritime Industry & Cruise Ship Passenger Bill of Rights

"Several recent stomach-churning incidents show that when cruise ships take a turn for the worse, passengers are completely at the whim of the industry. This is patently unfair and consumers are losing confidence in this business. For that reason, we need a Cruise Ship Passenger Bill of Rights," said Garamendi, the Ranking Member of the Transportatio and Infrastructure Subcommittee on the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, which has jurisdiction over maritime safety.

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