John Garamendi Unveils New Ad: “On Health Care”

WALNUT CREEK – Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi, a twice elected California State Insurance Commissioner, today unveiled his latest ad in the race for the 10th Congressional District.

The ad, titled “On Health Care”, is here:

It will run on cable television throughout the 10th Congressional District through September 1st. A transcript is below.

“With an important health care debate raging in Washington that will have a profound effect on the future of this country, people of the 10th Congressional District need a powerful voice fighting for health care reform,” said Garamendi. “I support universal health care and will fight for a robust public option that includes prescription drug affordability, an end to denial of treatment for pre-existing conditions, and competition built on quality of treatment, not denial of treatment. I have been endorsed by the California Nurses Association, because they know where I stand and know that I am the best equipped candidate to put patients first.”

As California’s first State Insurance Commissioner, John Garamendi wrote universal health care language that became the basis for President Bill Clinton’s health care reform package in 1992. As a State Legislator, including time spent as the Senate Health Committee Chair, Garamendi authored more than 20 bills signed into law that addressed health care reform, including bills that:

  • Broadened clinic access to tens of thousands of residents in unserved and under-served communities throughout California;
  • Revolutionized California emergency care response, creating important professional standards for the training and certification of ambulance and trauma care personnel;
  • Funded well over $100 million for tobacco, cancer, and pulmonary disease research ;
  • Improved services for the developmentally disabled;
  • Increased penalties for “kickbacks” for health services referrals; and
  • Required insurance companies to include in their plans reimbursements for procedures conducted at psychiatric health facilities.

For more information on John Garamendi’s health care policy, please visit

Added Garamendi, “In the final two weeks of this important campaign, we are focused on the issues that matter to people: reforming our broken health care system, creating quality jobs, protecting the environment, fighting for seniors, and demanding an affordable education. We face many challenges in the months and years ahead, and it’s important that we stay focused on real solutions to real problems. As the only candidate who has represented all corners of the 10th Congressional District, with more than three decades of public service, I am ready and able to be a strong advocate for the district in Washington.”

Transcript of the ad:

Narrator: Lieutenant Governor and Congressional Candidate John Garamendi On Health Care.

Garamendi: We know that the more we spend; the more uninsured we have.

We know that we are not getting the efficiency and effectiveness that we must have to have the quality health care that all of us need, so our families can thrive, so that our children can get educated, and so that this environment that I grew up in will be here for the next generation.

I am John Garamendi and I approve this message.

And I will fight for quality health care.

A special primarily election will be held on September 1st. For more information, please visit


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