John Garamendi Endorsed by Former 10th Congressional District Candidate Tiffany Attwood in Race for Congress

WALNUT CREEK – Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi, a candidate in the 10th Congressional District, is proud to announce that he has received the endorsement of Tiffany Attwood, a former candidate who has suspended her campaign for Congress to endorse Garamendi.

On August 15, Garamendi hosted an Asia-Pacific Town Hall in Fairfield, where he invited Attwood, a Filipino American, to participate.

“I knew our community had a representative – and that voice was the Lt. Governor” declared Attwood.  “With my deepest appreciation to all our supporters, I’m announcing the end of my campaign and the endorsement of Lt. Governor Garamendi.  He is the Proven Democrat for our District!“

“It is a great honor to have Tiffany Attwood’s endorsement,” said Garamendi. “She is a tireless advocate for the Latino, Filipino, and Asian American communities. In Congress, I will fight for universal health care, build employment opportunities for all our diverse communities, and work with the President to craft fair and comprehensive immigration reform.”

Garamendi, the only candidate who has represented all corners of the 10th Congressional District, has been a public servant for more than three decades – as a State Legislator, State Insurance Commissioner, Deputy Interior Secretary under President Bill Clinton, Lieutenant Governor, and Peace Corps volunteer.

Garamendi has also been endorsed by the Contra Costa Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Francisco Bay Guardian.

In their endorsement, the Contra Costa Times wrote, "We believe Garamendi has the right combination of experience, knowledge of key issues and dedication to serving the public interest that make him the best choice to fill Tauscher's seat."

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote in their endorsement, “Lt. Gov. John Garamendi stands out in this crowd because his vast portfolio of experience is so well aligned with the issues of the times and the big concerns of the district.”

“This has been an amazing journey in which any U.S. citizen, who cares about their country, can run for an important office like Congress,” added Attwood.  “One of the reasons why I stayed in this race even as a write-in candidate, was to voice the concerns of the Latino, Filipino and Asian community – it was our leaders that urged me to continue this run.”

After being excluded from the July 2nd July 5th debate in Antioch and the August 7th debate in Fairfield, the Attwood campaign held a sizable protest outside the Solano County Government Building where the debate was being held.  “It took a protest to get the message inside the debate that our concerns were not being heard,” explained Attwood.  “Lt. Governor Garamendi was the only candidate that contacted me after the debate and asked what he could do to help out – I was actually dumbfounded that another candidate cared about my concerns.”

Garamendi has also been endorsed by former President Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore.

A special primary special election will be held on September 1st. For more information, please visit

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