Livermore Independent Says “Garamendi Stands Out” in 10th Congressional District Race

WALNUT CREEK – Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi, a candidate for the 10th Congressional District, today announces that he has been endorsed by the Livermore Independent.

Wrote the Livermore Independent (page 4):

“When it comes to experience, Garamendi stands out. His resume features an arms-long list of high-level positions in the state and federal governments: current state lieutenant governor, state's first elected insurance commissioner, UC regent, deputy interior secretary under Clinton, and more. In dealing with the economy, health care, the war, global warming and other issues of our time, John Garamendi would hit the ground running.”

Garamendi remarked “With health care, climate change, and job creation issues front and center in Washington, the region’s editorial boards recognize that my decades of public service make me the best prepared candidate to tackle the challenges of our time.”

Other editorial boards that have endorsed Garamendi, a former Peace Corps volunteer, include the Contra Costa Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Francisco Bay Guardian.

In their editorial endorsement, the Contra Costa Times said:

“Of all 14 candidates, we believe Garamendi has the right combination of experience, knowledge of key issues and dedication to serving the public interest that make him the best choice to fill Tauscher's seat. […]The 10th Congressional District needs someone with broad experience and dedication to the public interest. We believe John Garamendi best meets those criteria.”

The San Francisco Chronicle editorial said:

“Lt. Gov. John Garamendi stands out in this crowd because his vast portfolio of experience is so well aligned with the issues of the times and the big concerns of the district. […] Garamendi has the confidence and depth of knowledge that would allow him to hit the ground running in Congress - and his history suggests he would be unabashed in doing so.”

The San Francisco Bay Guardian endorsed Garamendi because:

“Garamendi has a forceful presence, progressive values, long relationships with key power brokers and knowledgeable advocates, and an unmatched history of intensive work on the most pernicious problems that Congress is now wrestling with, including health care reform and resource issues.”

President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore have both endorsed Garamendi’s candidacy.

Garamendi has also been endorsed by the Sierra Club, California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, California Nurses Association, California Labor Federation, and Alameda, Napa-Solano, and Sacramento Central Labor Councils.

A special primary election will be held on September 1st. For more information, please visit

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August 28, 2009
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