Bay Area Reporter Endorses John Garamendi for Congress

WALNUT CREEK – Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi today is proud to announce that he has received the endorsement of the Bay Area Reporter, Northern California’s largest LGBT publication. Garamendi has also been endorsed by the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and Vacaville Reporter in the general election.
“Garamendi, currently the lieutenant governor, has a long record of support for equal rights for LGBTs and his political experience will mean that he can hit the ground running when he gets to Washington, D.C.,” the Reporter said.
The Reporter added: “This seat became vacant when Ellen Tauscher, another friend of the community, accepted a top post at the State Department. Garamendi is a strong choice to succeed her.”
Garamendi has also been endorsed by Anthony Woods, an openly gay former platoon leader dismissed under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell who ran in the Democratic primary for the 10th Congressional District. Garamendi supports marriage equality and has pledged to co-sponsor legislation to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell if elected to Congress.
In his first term as State Insurance Commissioner, Garamendi created an AIDS task force and required insurance companies to provide care for HIV/AIDS patients. In his second term, Garamendi successfully pushed the state legislature to offer couples in domestic partnerships equitable health benefits to married couples. Garamendi opposed Proposition 8.
In the primary election, Lieutenant Governor Garamendi was endorsed by the Contra Costa Times, Tri-Valley Herald, Oakland Tribune, and the Livermore Independent.
A special general election will be held on November 3rd. For more information, please visit

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