Garamendi for Congress Campaign Airs New TV Ad: “Two Cents”

WALNUT CREEK – The Garamendi for Congress campaign began airing its second television advertisement of the special General Election, entitled “Two Cents.” The new ad features two copper pennies, one representing Lieutenant Governor Garamendi and one representing his conservative Republican opponent David Harmer. The contrast between Garamendi’s long record of support for public schools and for protecting Social Security and Medicare and Harmer's stated desire to eliminate public schools, privatize Social Security and cut Medicare is the focus of the advertisement.

“In this campaign, the voters in the 10th Congressional District face two significantly different visions for America: one that supports our public schools and believes it is essential to maintain Social Security and Medicare as important lifelines for our seniors; and one that seeks to undermine and privatize these vital services. I will fight for these programs and be a powerful advocate for our students and seniors, said Garamendi.”

The “Two Cents” ad may be viewed here

The script is below:

“Two Cents”

Narrator: Like pennies, each election has two sides.

For Congress, on one side, is Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi, a 30-year fighter for public schools.

On the other, is conservative Republican David Harmer who wrote a book that proposes ending public education.

He also supports privatizing Social Security and cutting Medicare.

John Garamendi will fight for seniors and stop any attempt to privatize or weaken Social Security and Medicare.

We don't want the bad penny.

On November 3rd, John Garamendi for Congress.

The right experience when we need it the most.

John Garamendi: I am John Garamendi and I approve this message.

The special election will be held on November 3rd. For more information visit


October 26, 2009
Contact: Josh Franco, 916-863-6881,

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