Garamendi Podcast: Federal Stimulus Provides Important Support for the 10th Congressional District

WALNUT CREEK – The John Garamendi for Congress campaign today released its latest podcast, entitled “Job Creation.” The podcast highlights the benefits of President Barack Obama’s federal stimulus package, which brings needed investment, jobs and infrastructure improvements to the 10th Congressional District. The podcast also emphasizes the danger of a conservative Republican economic philosophy that retraces the reckless policies of Herbert Hoover during the early years of the Great Depression.

Garamendi is the Democratic nominee in the special election for the 10th Congressional District.

 A link to the podcast is available here:

A complete transcript is below:

“Hello, this is John Garamendi. You probably know me as your Lieutenant Governor. I want you to know me as your Congressman. I’m the Democratic nominee for the 10th Congressional District election, and I want you to know what my view is on important issues.

“It’s really interesting that the Republicans want to rewrite history. They want us to believe that somehow the crash of the American and worldwide economy started with Obama. Not so. It actually started during the George W. Bush administration, largely because the Bush administration didn’t provide the proper oversight and regulation of the financial marketplace. So we paid a great price.

“Fortunately, with Obama coming into office and the Democrats, we put into place a very important necessary stimulus package called the American Recovery [and Reinvestment] Act. It’s provided extraordinarily important support for the 10th Congressional District, where we have one out of every eight residents in our largest cities unemployed. That’s more than 12 percent unemployment in Antioch and Fairfield. We needed help, and the Obama administration provided it.

“Just a couple of examples: the Central Contra Costa Transit District got $4.2 million for preventative maintenance; the Antioch Unified District got $5 million to repair some of their buildings and do some maintenance; the reservoir at the Travis Water System was improved by $3.7 million; and the Mount Diablo Unified School District got $9 million. At the state level, tens of thousands of our teachers are still working in our schools because the federal government came in and provided money to keep those teachers employed.

“Now my opponent doesn’t want any of this. He basically says “no.” Now that’s what Hoover did in the 1930s when this nation slipped into a recession. He did nothing. You can’t do nothing when this happens. You need to have strong government involvement. Fortunately, the governments around the world stepped up and averted a Great Depression in this century.

“Now we need to move forward. We need to do more. We have to continue creating these jobs, and fortunately for this district, we have the opportunity to use the green economy. We need to free ourselves from dependence on oil from foreign nations. To do that, the green economy is there for us to use. This is photovoltaic and wind. We have large wind turbine systems in this district.

“We also have photovoltaic. We have extraordinary researchers at Lawrence Livermore Labs and at the Berkeley labs. We need to use all of these. Bring those jobs back to this district, and in that process, create the jobs that will keep our economy moving.”

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October 27, 2009
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