Congressman John Garamendi believes every American deserves the right to retire with dignity. He is resolutely opposed to all efforts to privatize Social Security, dismantle Medicare, and defund Medicaid/MediCal.

Garamendi believes that one can measure the greatness of a society in how it treats its seniors. The men and women who spent decades building the foundations of America must be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve in their golden years. Garamendi has repeatedly voted for policies to help seniors.

The Patient's Bill of Rights found in the Affordable Care Act includes additional benefits in Medicare, including free preventative and wellness screenings to diagnosis and treat serious health concerns early. It also phases out the costly Medicare Part D prescription drug donut hole while offering immediate relief to make prescription drugs more affordable.

Seniors - and every American who hopes to one day retire - can be confident that Congressman Garamendi stands with them.

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